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Welcome to Golden Apiaries.

We are a small family run business based in Motueka. Cory is our beekeeper with 15 years of commercial beekeeping experience and Tiffany is the administrator and creator of other bee related products that we sell – in particular our Tasman Gold Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps made out of 100% cotton fabric, jojoba oil, tree resin and beeswax from our own hives. We have perfected our ratios over time to make durable wraps that last at least 12 months (when looked after according to our instructions) and yet are very sticky. We also sell DIY kits to make your own wraps!

Our Tasman Gold honey is all raw – not fine filtered or heat treated so it retains all the natural goodness – natural pollen, vitamins and minerals in the honey.

We are extremely passionate about our bees and their health so we use sustainable beekeeping methods that do not rely on traditional chemical varroa miticides and we prefer to leave honey on our hives for the bees as opposed to feeding sugar unless necessary for survival of the hive.

In every aspect of our business we have tried to keep our environmental impact low. We use only wood for our hiveware instead of plastic frames and boxes and we have recently made the switch to recycled PET jars for our honey. We limit the use of single use plastic and products in our business – switching out traditional varroa treatments for our preferred certified organic treatments also heavily reduces our single use plastic waste.

Thank you for visiting our online store, we hope you enjoy our products.

Cory and Tiffany Rusbatch

Owners of Golden Apiaries, the home of Tasman Gold products

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