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About Our Online Marketplace

Our mission is to support local business & artisans with a low cost solution to sell online products. Our goal is to empower local business so we all benefit from a thriving local community by encouraging people to shop locally.

If there is one good thing that COVID-19 has done for us all, its got us thinking locally! What does that mean? Taking care of our local communities, working together, supporting each other – and in the words of Jacinda – being kind to one another.

We decided that we needed to do something to support our local business community. Realising that everyone would be feeling “the pinch” right now, we came up with the idea to provide an online market place where people could could create their own shop and start trading as soon as level 3 was announced.

We wanted to build a Marketplace with no upfront fee, no monthly charges. Just get on and get selling!

You might be thinking, why would a web design company do this? Well, we want to see our community get back on it’s feet! A thriving community is of benefit to all that live in it!

All you need to do to start selling online is to register, create your shop, configure your products & shipping options. You will also need to sign up with Stripe. We want to keep this simple and have found Stripe to be reliable, straightforward and affordable. Stripe also integrates with Xero!

We are working on a a comprehensive knowledge base so that you can do everything yourself. If you need extra help we can organise a Zoom training to help you over the hurdle or we can do this for you. Please email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.

The impact of buying local - does it matter? Yes!

Whatever resonates with you, think about it next time you shop or buy.
We are all in this together!
He waka eke noa!
Shop locally

Why Shop Locally?

Strong Communities

When we shop at local shops or New Zealand online stores we help keep our communities strong, encourage the continued growth of small boutique shops, reduce environmental impacts and keep jobs in New Zealand.

Support Essential Services

A vibrant, healthy retail sector brings tourists to our town and cities, fills empty store fronts and increases the tax base. This means government and councils have more money to spend on essential services.

Shopping locally is the only way to make sure the money we spend stays in the local economy.

“Retail NZ has been advocating for the e-commerce and click and collect services to be allowed, providing that they can be done safely, and it is good news for consumers, retailers and the economy as a whole that these will be permitted when New Zealand eventually moves to level three restrictions,” Greg Harford, Retail NZ’s Chief Executive

Shop locally


The connections we make scale businesses and the public spaces around them, building relationships and community cohesiveness. They’re the ultimate social networking sites!

Shop local


Spending with a local business has ripple effects that contribute to the growth and health of the communities in our regions.

Shoplocally Marketplace


Shopping locally helps cut down on processing, packaging and transportation waste. Most importantly, buying local is a chance to meet talented small business owners who take great pride in their work. It’s a way to experience handmade, one-of-a-kind and meaningful gifts and support your community.

Shop locally


Not only do independent businesses employ people directly but they also are the customers of local printers, accountants, wholesalers, farms, attorneys, etc., therefore expanding opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

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